House Rules

We want everyone to enjoy using the TalkMD forum, so we have put together some house rules to make sure the forum is a safe and welcoming place for people with muscle-wasting conditions to meet, share experiences and exchange helpful information.

We also welcome input from healthcare professionals, campaigners, scientists and fundraisers who want to help us fight muscle-wasting conditions.

This forum is for adults over 18. If you’re 18 or under you might want to join Trailblazers – our national network of young campaigners. Find out more on the website.

The House Rules

TalkMD is a place to relax, make friends, get help and advice and share your stories. Remember that everyone else might not agree with you 100% of the time, but that’s okay.

  1. Post in a manner whereby you’re respectful of other members. No personal attacks or arguments will be tolerated. We do not tolerate abusive behaviour.
  2. If you have a problem with a member or post, contact one of the moderators or forum administrators. We will keep the messages confidential and help in whatever way we can.
  3. Do not swear, use offensive or libelous language statements, or post offensive links and images. This includes usernames, signatures and avatars. Doing so will result in a caution, or immediate ban depending on the nature of the content or material. Let’s keep it clean!
  4. Spam is not tolerated on this forum. Anything that appears to be spam or commercial advertising will be removed from the forum. In the unlikely event that you are locked out of the site or your genuine post has been removed and you feel this is wrong, you can appeal by contacting a forum moderator or administrator, or by contacting
  5. The TalkMD moderating team have the right to add, remove, edit or move posts or threads to different boards within the forum. If you have trouble finding a post or thread, please use the search function at the top-right corner of the forum, below the log-in button.
  6. Please do not post your personal details such as address, email or phone number on the forums. Any posts containing addresses or phone numbers will be deleted immediately.
  7. Feel free to share links to other websites, but please note that these are views and opinions are not endorsements of TalkMD and Muscular Dystrophy UK. TalkMD reserves the right to remove links from posts that may be deemed inappropriate by other members or which do not follow the guidelines set in the forum rules. Muscular Dystrophy UK is not responsible for the views, opinions and forum content posted by individual members.
  8. We welcome pseudonyms on TalkMD – do not feel that you have to share your identity. TalkMD will never pass on your details to another member or a third party.
  9. Any defamatory comments, photographs or material pertaining to Muscular Dystrophy UK will be removed.
  10. All of the rules above apply to the private messaging system.

What happens if I break the rules?

In most cases if a rule is broken, we will send you a warning message. Further rulebreaking will result in being banned from the forum permanently. We will only use immediate bans for the posting of pornographic material or obvious spamming.

What should I do if I see someone breaking the rules?

If you feel that a posted message please contact us immediately by emailing or report this to one of your mods or admins:

YourTalk MD team

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