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    Carol Service

    I had the privilege to attend the carol service that was held to raise money for the Neuromuscular Centre in Winsford, in Chester Cathedral. From the small children’s choirs to the readings from famous actors and TV personalities, everything was amazing. Brought together by Mathew Kelly and his wife over the last 28 yers, this was sadly the last one. It has raised so much money in that time, money that the centre badly needs. It is possible a CD may be made from the images so if you want to see what went on it might be worth a few pounds to buy one, you will not be disappointed.
    May I offer my personal thanks to all those involved, not just the amazing folk on stage but to all the folk who helped marshall the large crowd inside and made sure nothing went wrong. Well almost nothing.
    When I hear about a CD I will post it here.


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