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    I would say I am staggered by their response, but frankly at my age I am not surprised. May I add to Cat’s wonderful help above and suggest you try looking on ebay or even Freecycle or similar. May sound daft, in which case put it down to old age, but there are lots of scotter and possible power chairs, sitting around doing nothing. I have seen more than a few scooters being offered for free or for peanuts locally.I have two in my own garage. One sadly is well past its sell by date now. I know you may come across the PAT testing stuff and similar things taking your own electrical stuff in but it is a possibility perhaps until the right thing comes along. May I also suggest you write to your local Rotary Club, who often fund things for local people. They may well help fund one for you, or contribute, especially if you could give a tal on MD for example. ( I am a Rotarian myself so I know what happens). I can help you find a local club if you get stuck.


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    If seeking charitable funding you could as MDUk joseph Patrick trust also.

    Like Mike says a second hand pre owned chair might let you get a feel for how it would benefit around your workplace. There is lots available and as Mike says often free.

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