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    Wheelchairs, it's a minefield

    I really need some help please. I’m trying to find a wheelchair for my daughter and I don’t know where to start. My daughter is 4 with CMD, she doesn’t use her chair all the time but most of it when we are out and about. So she needs to be able to get in and out independently. It needs to be lightweight and all terrain, we miss walking on the beach at low tide. I mainly do all the pushing but she would like to start to do some herself too. I would be grateful for any recommendations please and advice on where to look.

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    I would talk to social services and ask them to refer you to the occupational therapist for children. Your GP and your hospital consultant can stress the need for the wheelchair. I hope you are already in touch and getting help from child social services in your area.They should/will provide you with a suitable wheelchair. You will probably have to make a fuss, fight for it. But they will and should do it. Remember you need it NOW!.


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    Boulder and Paravan I believe both do a child’s power chair that allows kids to sit down on floor with peers as well as standing function that helps prevent legs getting contractors as well as aiding standing transfers.

    First port of call is having your neurologist refer to wheelchair services. It is worth noting that MDUK has a fund called the Joseph Patrick trust that may help part fund.

    For Manual chairs you can get power packs to make a manual into a powered chair. which might be handy if car boot space or house access an issue.

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