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    It’s amazing how few hotels have accessible wardrobes in their accessible rooms. The hanging rails are too high. At home I have modified the IKEA wardrobe with a pull down hanging rail which can be swung out and down to give full access. Just having this device allows me to keep the pull out baskets below, so I am now able to access all my clothes. There are several such rails, I just googled pull down hanging rails and chose the most robust. obviously I did need to get someone to fit it for me, but it works really well.

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    Thank you for sharing this tip and the towel one. Keep ’em coming!

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    I can agree there. Many accessible rooms are not as accessible as they are made out to be.


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    I have found the furniture in an accessible means a space for knees at dressing table. same in flats with a kitchen. the accessible kitchen means a void under sink that lower than normal.

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    Thanks for this tip… really useful!

    Best wishes

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