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    unilateral Becker's symptoms

    Has anyone personally or seen their loved one (child, father, brother) have symptoms on only one side of the body? My son has extreme weakness but it is only on his right side. His left side is perfectly normal. He did start having some spasms in his right latissimus dorsi yesterday but again only on right side.

    Any information is appreciated!!

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    Reply To: unilateral Becker's symptoms

    I had to look up “latissimus dorsi” there, and yes, as a BMD sufferer, I too have occasional spasms there, usually if I stretch or turn around too far.

    I’m afraid I’ve never hear of anyone being affected on only one side of their body.

    Sorry I can’t be of any help on that score, but happy to answer any BMD related questions.

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    All of experience symptoms differently on each half of the body because of the way the brain is wired. However, I too have never hear of symptoms showing on only one side, apart from my diaphragm which is paralysed on one side only, although I cannot say that it is a result of my MD.


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