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    Suprapubic catheters!

    I’ve had an SPC on & off for nearly 5yrs now. Throughout I’ve had probs with encrustation & stones resulting in the need for multiple general anaesthetics to remove & replace over encrusted catheters. I had to remove the SPC & allow the site to close-up in Feb after suffering a bad kidney infection plus stones. It had reached a point where I was having to have the catheter replaced weekly due to the encrustation.
    So, to my point; does anyone out there suffer the same? & do any of you know how I might prevent stones & encrustation?
    I’ve used acidic washouts which frankly do nothing.
    Any ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received!!

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    Reply To: Suprapubic catheters!

    Good post. And so little talk of this. It is something I may look at myself as mobility has declined.

    I relise the above problems have been an nightmare. What’s the benifits. Can you walk is thru the procedure and long term maintenance

    Can’t really pass advise as I don’t have spc. But have had a longtime of kidney infections and stones. After my last spell of not peeing for a week. I now drink lots. And also drink cranberry juice now and then to minimise bladder infections.

    Thanks. Cat

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