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    Scooter vs Powered chair


    I have a scooter at the minute that has got a battery issue and needs replacing and was looking for some advice/views on Scooter vs Power chairs and which are more practical with people with Muscular Dystrophy.

    Look forward to reading your views.

    Kind Regards

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    I have neither as yet, Mark, but isn’t a power chair more suited to tighter indoor spaces. I fancy one of those in the future, rather than mucking about with handle bars and U turns! I suppose it depends on how much outdoor travelling you do and over what terrain. There are quite a number of “offroad” scooters and chairs i have looked up online recently.

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    Scooter v chair depends what your non MD needs are too

    Transport:- Mini Boot Scooters can be folded broken down or lifted into the boot of even a smaller car. Not maybe the comfiest but being able to transport it and get about smaller indoor places a bonus.

    Off road:- I had 3 different boot scooters and all performed well on grass as long as not too marshy wet. (my chairs didnt cope well)

    Cost:- mini to med boot type scooters much cheaper than powerchairs.

    Go bigger:- if you never need to put scooter in a car then a bigger comfier scooter can act as good way to maintain both walking about a store if youve still that ability without knackering yourself walking first to the shop.

    My reason to move from scooter to powerchairs

    Couldnt sit to stand anymore.
    Scooters even small ones difficult to get into disables loos alone. (opening the door in a powerchair easier than scooter)
    I moved to a Wheelchair access drive from chair van

    List your tasks and activates and compare against a chair or scooter.

    If you dont need enhanced specialist seating have a look at used chairs.

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    That is always a difficult decision . For now I am sticking with a scooter. I can put it in the back of my WAV very easily and use it in most places I go to. If I can’t use it then I dont go. I can stand so that may influence my decision. I also could not use either inside the house as there is too little room. Most shops do not allow sufficient room to navigate around them with a scooter and often with a motorised chair so increasingly I use order online. This is especially valuable when many disabled parking bays are disappearing to be replaced by charging points. On bumpy pavements like our s are in the country I would suspect that scooters are more stable than powered chairs as they have a longer wheelbase, and are also far better I would imagine as they tend to have a much greater clearance because of larger wheels.
    Please do consider changing your batteries for your chair yourself. I have done that a couple of time on my second hand scooter, and it was very easy.
    But as Cat has said more info about how you might use them and where would be very helpful to give more specific guidance.


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    Thank you for all your comments and views

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