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    Recliner Massage Chair?

    I have been offered this chair at less than half price and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience or used one before.

    It is one of them massage, recliner chairs. The only real problem I can see is getting out of the bloody thing as it looks quite deep. That can be easily remedied though. Has anyone had any problems with them?



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    If you want some unique recliner instead, that is made of teak wood and perfect even indoor and outdoor, I suggest that you look at this one I got mine and now sitting in my patio and my visitors are so impressed whenever they see it.

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    Is it manual or electric. if its manual you will have one hell of a struggle getting the foot rest down.

    I opt for a riser recliner dual motor.

    depth! I prefer regular size. petite chairs can be too claustrophobic I opt for using a ‘V’ shape back support pillow from argos or mothercare.

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