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    Pain in shoulder blades

    Hi my wife has limb girdle md and her shoulder blades protrude.sitting in a wheelchair all day and having to lie on her back all night causes her severe pain and little sleep.all our go can come up with is codeine,which doesn’t help.has anyone found any solutions to this problem ? Medication or apparatus ?
    Thank you

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    I am waiting to be invited up to the pain clinic, as the neurologist won’t increase my gabapentin any further. It just feels futile quite often, I don’t believe they take MD seriously. I swear the GP and hospital think the cost of drugs comes out of their wages.

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    I doubt of the members on here would recommend any medication as that is for your medical team. I will say that I worked my way through most pain meds until I found something that worked, and I believe that is the key. Your GP, or if not the pain clinic, can give you lots of options for you to try I am sure, but you must be guided by them. Pain meds are very dangerous in the wrong context and many can be addictive like tramadol for example. Please do go see them and get some advice, I am sure those in the pain clinic will fully sympathise with your wife’s condition and do their best to help.
    Ranald is quite correct in thinking that cost is a factor. You only need look at the medical cannabis story to show that. There is a finite budget for these things as well as medical aids and even treatment. Persistence pays, do keep trying. I would also suggest, if you are not doing so already, contacting the physiotherapists and of course Occupational Health. Both of whom should be able to offer some help in the interim.


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