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    Now everyone can cycle

    We have just returned from a family 4 mile cycle ride. My Son John is 7, he has DMD and he was the one waiting at the top of the hill shouting come on Mum. This is possible because we discovered a small company who can turn more or less any bike electric. ( So with the flick of a swich our son zooms up the hill leaving the rest of us for dust.

    John rides a two wheeled moutain bike that looks exactly like his mates. It has a small saddel bag which sits in the frame that contains the battery, a thumb lever mounted on the handle bars and a small hub on the front wheel.

    The electric kit can be mounted on most bikes, trikes or recumbent bikes. We however opted for an Isla bike, a company which makes only childrens bikes. They are light weight (which is important as the electric hub adds weight to the bike) and most importantly the brakes are designed for small hands and are soft and easy to work. have a look at

    I posted this info on the forum because it would be brilliant if every child with DMD or similar could have the opportunity to go on family bike rides or out with thier mates. If anyone reading this is intested in an electric bike please contact me and i can give you the full details of how Johns bike was adapted. We did a few things slightly differently than the electric conversions they do on adult bikes. eg a smaller battery and a different position for the electric lever.

    I will take some photos of Johns bike to post.

    In the mean time I look forward to messages. Angela

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    Re: Now everyone can cycle

    What an amazing find :D

    We will do our best to pass the info onto other parents – thank you for sharing

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