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    Myotonic Dystrophy and sex

    Hello all,

    I have a tricky question. Now, firstly I suffer from anxiety anyway, but I have recently been diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy type 1. I know all the symptoms to look out for. I have already had surgery on cataracts and apparently my eyelids are drooping.

    Recently there has been a few instances of losing my erection when having sex with my wife. Is this a symptom of Myotonic Dystrophy? It could be down to anxiety, but I would to think that MD is responsible for this. I’ve heard that Viagra and Cialis and the like are beneficial for those individuals with MUSCULAR dystrophy as it helps with the heart and reduces fatigue.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    Hi and welcome to forum

    There is past threads on this subject if you have a search in the mens section. I would talk to your neuro Respiratory team before trying viagra as it could also cause strain to the heart.

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