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    keeping warm this winter

    Was just reading about the ‘snowmageddon’ of 2010. when we was all suddenly snowed in lol. its six years today that snowy downpour trapped me in my car.

    SOO whats in your winter warmer and emergency kits.

    I have just purchased a Butt warmer from Lidl for the car as the new one dont have heated seats.
    and gloves I can keep on and still use the iphone

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    Reply To: keeping warm this winter

    Very much the same. I have just bought another heated seat thingy from Aldi, as I use them all year round to reliev pain in my legs. As I also have fingerless gloves. I would use the phone friendly type byt what I do with my hands they tend to get very wet and useless quite quickly. Also made sure that we have some battery powered laterns fully charged and ready to go, along with candles and the like, just in case we have another serious power cut like we did last year.
    Fortunately where I live, snow is a rarity, but just in case I have a 4×4 should we get a few flakes, and also to deal with the ice on our mostly untreated roads. Very importantly I have also changed the route I take my daugther to ork. She needs to be there for 0700 to milk the cows and as you will appreciate they are not keen on waitin. But the country roads are never treated and can become deathly quite quickly.
    We have insulated our chicken house to keep themwarm and toasty too. I am still using a coat and gloves in the house as to keep the heating on all day is too much cost so I have a body warmer which i can put on whilst I am about in the house. When I am sitting still I do have a balck mog who wants to occupy my lap, which is good for us both.
    LAst but by now means least, I always try and make sure I have good stocks of meds in, despite the protestations of the surgery’s computer.


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