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    I am delighted to pass on a tip for my superb Rocker Knife. The O.T.’s here in North Somerset showed me this superb item. I found the normal “thick-handled cutlery” still required normal pressure to cut items. This Rocker knife cuts without any downward pressure. It simply rocks on the deeply curved edge, the momentum cutting the food. It also has a notch at exactly the right place. Superb design. There is also a fork and spoon and they can all three be easily moulded to different angles. The downside £ 11.64 per item. My Dad would turn in his grave to hear I paid 11.64 for a sngle knife. To me it is worth every penny. Brand Name “Good Grips”
    Advertising :=
    “The “GOOD GRIPS” cutlery range incorporates many thoughtful and innovative design features to assist arthritics, those with limited dexterity and the infirm.
    Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles have stainless steel utensils which can be bent to any suitable angle by the user.
    The rocker knife requires only a minimum of effort for cutting, it also features an extended safety cap to protect the fingers.”

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