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    Housing – Needing a bigger property


    We are currently in council housing needing a bigger place with our two children, there are very few properties and they will not adapted a new house.

    Any advise?


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    Get onto your local councillor, that is what they are for! Are you in touch with a genetics nurse or suchlike? They could write a supporting letter to the council. Don’t take no for an answer, be a pest and keep at them. The council house I and others in my street live in is new build and they were built around the needs of the individual tenants.

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    I think it probably varies from county to county. Currently, here in Cornwall, they will not adapt a new build house. Although there is an effort underway to change this thinking nationwide. Progress is slow as usual, though. I’m now going down the route of having an existing property adapted which, although still stressful, is proving a little easier.

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    4 Years on a Waiting list – Only been shown one unsuitable property and overlooked for many others.

    I am disabled and so is my son and he needs his own room as has sleep issues and his sister often keeps him awake which distresses him.

    They would have adapted a new build, but would not ask the builder, I spoke to one and they said they would consider if asked ( which they said they would be said they would not do adaption for at least a year due to first year inspection/insurance done on properties.

    Just waiting – hoping one will come up soon for us.

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