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    Help! 65 year old with Becker MD

    To all….I’ve run out of ideas on where to look for advice. My father has Becker Muscular Dystrophy…he lost the use of his legs but until the last few days he’s had a great life…kids/grandkids…we take him out as often as we can, he adores and plays with the grandkids etc.
    January he has spent a lot of time in hospital with numerous problems. Came home last week and panic attacks started. On Friday he was rushed again to hospital with a suspected stroke…turns out he fainted and had low blood pressure/iron etc. Since he’s been home he’s gone into total depression…no strength to move his arms/talk/eat…even the grandkids can’t make him smile. He’s totally given up on life. I desperate for idea on how to help him. Any advice please x :welcome:

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