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    Free Online Courses

    Hi folks,
    I haven’t been on the forum for a long time and have missed a lot of posts. Things got difficult for me in December and I’m now spending most of my time lying down in bed. I had to organise carers to come in and so far it’s working out OK.
    I have recently started a free online course which only takes 4 weeks and next month I am going to do two more. There are loads of courses to choose from and people from all over the world study together, which is good. Check out the website:


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    Hi Sybylla

    Good to see you back. sorry youve not been doing well.

    Hows adjusting to having carers going. Im interviewing this week to employ first ever carers. :shock: bit daunting lol

    Courses look good.


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    Welcome back Sybylla! Good to hear from you.

    Thanks for the course details. Glad you are getting on well with them.

    Glad the careers are working out well.

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    Welcome back Sybylla. SO sorry that bthings have gone down for your recently, but I do see you are keeping yourself busy with courses. What an incredibly interesting link you found. i have already sent it off to a number of people.


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