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    Fatigue (physical and mental) – BMD

    Does anyone have any useful techniques or general advice on both physical and mental fatigue? I have BMD and it has progressed to the point of becoming almost unable to walk (this has been a relatively slow burn over the past 5 or so years). With this unwelcome progression I have noticed over the last 6 months or so that physical fatigue is becoming a lot more difficult to mange. I also get mentally very tired too and have lots of ‘brain fog’ and this affects my ability to do my job sometimes and impacts my home life. I guess this is just a period of adaptation in terms of fatigue management and in addition a metal shift to accommodate the inevitable progression of the BMD. For some reason being less physically able to do things has strangely often made me feel almost a bit guilty yet, nobody but me is feeding this emotion and I get a lot of support from my immediate family. Any views or advice welcome – Thanks!

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    Hello Tjonline. May I say firstly that you are not the only one feeling guilty that you cannot do things. I too feel that even though it is over twenty years since my FHSD started affecting me. I lost two careers as a result, careers which were there to help me feed my family. That made me feel guilty. My wife has to help me everytime I go out makes me feel guilty. The list could go on it is quite normal as your body decides for itself that it will not do what you want it to.
    As for fatigue , it is there for almost all with MD. The question though is why are you feeling fatigue. Is it a result of BMD or perhaps from another cause? have you had a set of bloods done so that you can see there is nothing amiss with the body as a whole that medication may help. I have always followed the advice given to me not long after I was diagnosed. Treat your body as a battery. Treat it with a normal amount of use and you can manage better. Over use it like doing something heavy or very different, then the battery runs down more quickly than you can recharge it, and then you feel fatigued. I am sure that you think this is obvious, it is, but so many of us think we can manage. I guess that you may well have these moments, I do even now, but it can be worthwhile listening to your body. Of course with fatigue, and perhaps pain too, the brain fog you speak of can raise its ugly head.
    To some extent you answered your own question, it is a matter of adapting and many of us fail to plan for changes, but react to them when the change happens. So I might suggest a talk with yourself about how you will deal with these changes. hopefully that will result in a visit to your GP for an MOT. You might also begin to accept that what is happening to you comes with what you have, and you cannot be expected to perform as you used t do. That does not mean you should give up. It means that you must adapt to the changes and not feel worried, concerned or angry that you cannot do the things you ask others to do. You are simply doing things differently like everyone does as they go through life. The more you look after your body the more it will look after you.
    Sorry if it is stating the obvous but these are lessons I ahve learned since my diagnosis.


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    I have exactly this. so tired just from walking or even thinking.

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