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    I have been on Pregaberline for about 18 months and it has been helpful with the muscle pain , the side effects where hard to get use to at first ,mainly dizziness ,tiredness, and weight gain from sugar craving, but the reduction in pain was the pay off.
    However i read an article that sited a study showing that it stopped the production of new synapses in the brain , so with concern i spoke with my specialist who said that if i had concerns we could try Duloxetine,
    I am currently on a withdrawal program till we switch drugs ,I was just wondering if any one had been on this drug and what the benefits and downside (if any) there where.
    I have LGMD Myofibrillar myopathy, I am still mobile but am at the point that a scooter or similar aid would greatly improve my life as well as my families, however pain management seems to be my no 1 focus at the moment, so any thoughts or experiences would very helpful at the moment.

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    I myself didnt get on with pregabiline or gabapentine for the issues you highlight and it didnt solve my pain issues.

    Never heard of the other drug but always interested in hearing of what works for people. keep us posted.

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