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    Dealing with Pressure Sores

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and hoping for some advice or tips. I have Limb Girdle MD and suffering greatly from pressure sores on my back and side, especially at night as I can’t move myself in bed. My husband and I have tried various mattress toppers and recently bought a static mattress from a supplier that was marketed as helping with pressure reduction / re-distribution. But none of this has helped. We are thinking we now need to try a different type of mattress eg dynamic or air. But don’t know where to start as seem to be many options. Looking for any suggestions or recommendations on what option to try next, or any other ideas to relieve or prevent the sores. :new:

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    Hello and welcome. The advice I am given by those that know about these things are that you should contact your GP or OT and ask for a hospital bed, with a Pegasus mattress with a Blow bBx, or a Huntley box on the bottom. You need to be in touch with a Tissue Viability nurse or the District nurses, and Dieticians who can help you also. Do you have any dressings on at the moment, and how often are they changed .
    Please do come back to us and let us know your progress.


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