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    Blue Badge Parking

    Always contentious and now is to be expanded to those with none physical disabilities, as part of a review of the whole scheme. That last part worries me as these reviews tend to make things worse not better for people, especially if they can save money. However, what worries me more is the increasing lack of available Blue Badge parking. A town near me has recently removed around twelve disabled spaces and replaced them with a taxi rank. The spaces were not re provided elsewhere. Te same thing has also happened in another nearby town. Very often such spaces are not large enough to accommodate a WAV anyway. Added to the competition from the “I am only here for a few minutes” group or the “I need the extra space for my large car” group, or even those who are quite wrongly in my opinion using a Blue Badge for their delivery wagons, I begin to wonder how accessible local facilities are going to be in the not too distant future.
    Whilst it is good news that those groups with none physical disabilities can get help if they need it, the government really must ensure that there will be an increased number of spaces for Blue Badge parking. Of course there is always online shopping!


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