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    Assisted Collection……

    I now have an “Assisted Collection”, for my recycling and
    refuse garden waste.

    Apparently this is available in my area in South West and presumably
    throughout the country. They come and collect your bins and waste and
    recycling and then very carefully bring the plastic bins and boxes
    and replace them in my / your binstore or designated Area.

    Always been a problem with the bin men chucking and kicking the plastic
    boxes in your general direction so they blow down the road. Used to just
    wait and a kindly neighbour might return them. Few weeks ago they were suddenly
    in my binstore all tidy! Thanked neighbor on one side. But not him. Thanked
    neighbour on t’other side. Not him. Last week watched as the young bald
    bin man carefully returned and replaced everything. Phoned to
    thank them and found they had just noticed with all my visible
    clues of disability and placed me on the “assisted collection”.

    Very pleased!

    Check it out!

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    Yes, our local council will do assisted collection, it was an easy straight forward form to do … the bins must be easily visible from the road, this usually means they need to be at the front of your property.

    We have to pay extra for garden rubbish to be taken away, only the general refuse and recycling is taken.

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    Mine does it too, only lazy :Angry: :Angry: aren’t putting it back, its halfway up the road. I did contact council about this but looks like i need to again.

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    I can agree with that Vicki. I ahve the same problem. Despite repeated written medical requests and advice it appears that the bin man’s medical knowledge is superior and they feel that I am not deserving of such help. Thus they leave it half way downb the drive and I have to wait until one of my children come to visit to drag it backnup the hill. Complaints to the local waste department, and local councillors have lead to no improvement. I do hope to catch up with them one day and ask their medical opinion of my condition to see if they have any advice to offer. The other option, too terrible to imagine, is that they have the memory of a goldfish and cannot remember where to repalce the bin. How awful that must be.


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