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    Anyone out there?! Probable DMD diagnosis

    Hi thre

    My son is 2 years old and had a genetic blood test done for probable DMD in January. Due to Covid-19 his results have been delayed and we have no idea how long they will take. I was wondering if anyone is in a similar position? I think it would just be nice for me to have someone to speak to!

    Stay safe and well everyone!


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    Hello and welcome Georgi. This is indeed a difficult time for you even without Covid. My son and I do not have DMD but FHSD, and I remember that the tests for that took some months. If you read through the forum you will find many others, of whatever shade of MD, have had the same problems. It is possible that the tests may well not be affected by the virus crisis as they will go to a specialist laboratory. Please try and be patient which i know will not be easy. In the meantime perhaps you could advise us if you are having these tests as a result of seeing a neurologist. If so it is highly likely that he/she will already have a strong feeling about what they are suspecting with you son. Have you been given any support options or contacts to try and help you through this? apart from the excellent folk here at MDUK there are also things like Facebook pages
    Please do come back to us with some more details. I am sure that someone who has been in your position will come along soon here to offer their support.


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    Good morning Georgi, sorry to read about your boy and hope you get some news soon.
    I really do understand your frustration and upset I had my genetic DNA done along with lots of other tests and finally got my diagnosis a few weeks ago.
    Lots of support around you ,don’t feel alone ask questions MDUK have been fantastic for me – I don’t feel alone anymore!
    All the best and keep us posted 😘 Tracy

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    Hi Georgi,

    Sorry to hear about your little boy, my son has DMD. He’s now almost 12 but was diagnosed at 6 months old. I set up and run a Facebook support group specifically for parents of children with DMD. There are around 1000 of us, all having been where you are now. If you’re on Facebook do come and join us if you’d like, just search Duchenne Parents Zone x

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