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    Achilles Tendon lengthening!!!

    Hi there,
    We are hoping to see if anyone out there knows of anyone who has had Achilles tendon lenthening done? Our 6 year old son, who has been diagnosed with Becker MD,has been strongly advised to get this procedure done? We understand all the logic and reasons behind why it needs to be done, BUT the biggest fear is the muscle deterioration in the cast, which will be on for 4 weeks! We fear that once the cast comes off it will take a very long time to get muscle strength back in his calf muscle, or if at all. All the specialists are saying to us, thankfully he is very active and strong and young, which will all stand to him:-) As you can understand we are very anxious to make the right decision for our little boy! We were told we would be waiting awhile for the procedure, but then they came back to us a couple of days ago saying there may be a slot this coming Monday, so we were in a big panic! But it has been postponed til possibly Monday 28th July! I really hope someone has some knowledge or personal experience on this? Please Help? Thank you

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    I had this surgery but I’m not sure if the results would be the same. I have emery dreifuss not Becker.

    Ok so when I had this I could walk, but it was on my toes. I had the surgery at 17, had the cast on for about 6 weeks and I did lose a lot of muscle. When they took the cast off I lost so much muscle I couldn’t even stand up. However, my angle movement was fantastic. For weeks after my family and I had to keep trying to get me up onto my feet to learn to walk again because it’s totally different and to build the strength back. It’s quite hard after the casts come off, but weeks down the line it’s definitely worth it. I would totally do it again. Your walking improves sooo much, it just takes a bit of hard work. I would hate to think how bad my legs would be now without it 10 years on. He will walk so much better and easier. And always wear the splints after surgery as they will go back fast and you do not want to go through it again.

    The only downside I can see now is that I haven’t got the same strength back in my ankle or lower leg. But the mobility far outweighs that, and it’s lasted 10 years.

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