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    PIP Help

    Hi all. How do I go about getting help to fill out the dreaded pip form. TIA

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    Hello Tommo ad welcome. There are lots of places to find help not least of which is MDUK. Can I refer you to here as a starter You may also try the CAB as here Or you can try Disability Rights UK as in here
    I would say though you should be honest. not just on the form but with yourself about how the condition affects you. Do not take the “I can manage” approach. Look at what differences have been made to your life since the onset of your condition.


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    As Mike says take time and think about each element. Take your worse day. each section is points based. They grade now on not having a certain disability but how it effects you as an individual from personal care, remembering to take medicine, planning a journey safely and preventing risk and harm to yourself.

    So say:- Dressing. Can you consistently do this including socks and shoes?
    Washing:- Hair– Can you. or do you feel this takes you longer and does it result in fatigue if you can perform task. Can you always perform your own hair washing.

    Toileting. Do you have trouble transferring and using public toilets. Even if you dont get help at home. Would it be easier if someone assisted. Does anything in public toilets prevent you from using independently. If you find you fluid monitor due to not wanting to use toilets away from home note this.

    The key thoughts on most sections to ask yourself. Can I safely and consistently do each of the tasks they highlight. Does it result in overwhelming fatigue leaving no room to perform another task or even pain.

    Dont forget to list all aids and adaptations even if not specifically NHS, Social work or mobility shop issues. If you have altered your home or have a aid thats tailed to your needs but not a conventional off the shelf item list it.

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    The Care, Support and Advocacy team here are always happy to talk you through applying for PIP. Later this year we’ll be releasing a step by step guide which will hopefully demystify the process and provide you with all the information you would need.
    In the meantime, you can contact our team on the freephone helpline 0800 652 6352 or email


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