Fundraising for MDUK – 2 Exciting Events in Hertfordshire – Everyone Welcome!

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    Fundraising for MDUK – 2 Exciting Events in Hertfordshire – Everyone Welcome!

    Hey Everyone!

    I’m running Race To The Stones on the 12-13th July, which is a 100km race spread over 2 days, and have chosen to raise a minimum amount of £450 for MDUK – I’m 100% Team Orange, so MDUK was the most natural choice. Ever since I signed up, I’ve been learning more and more about Muscular Dystrophy, from following Shane Burcaw on social media to reading news articles on the latest Spinraza developments, but I want to learn more, and help more, and I need your help to do this.

    I’m hosting two events in Hertfordshire to raise the sponsorship for this race, and I would be honoured if anyone living with Muscular Dystrophy, including family and friends, would like to join me for one or both of these events.

    Saturday 11th May 2019 – Volunteer Takeover of Letchworth parkrun
    I’m one of the Run Directors at Letchworth parkrun, and we hosted a successful volunteer takeover last year for the MS Trust. MDUK have kindly given me t-shirts and money collectors, but I need people to help ‘takeover’ the volunteering roles, or shadow an experienced volunteer if you want. There are roles that are suitable for everyone, and I’d really love to get people living with MD involved – there’s an amazing sense of community and family within parkrun, and I’d love for you all to experience that. I’ll be asking everyone to come dressed in orange, including the runners!

    Thursday 6th June 2019 – Quiz at Garden City Brewery (Letchworth)
    This quiz certainly won’t have a maths round, because I’ll be the one writing it! Topics are likely to include Muscular Dystrophy, Race To The Stones, Climate Change, Languages, Food, and a Music round including me playing the ukulele very badly.

    By joining me on these events, you’ll be helping me raise money for MDUK whilst hopefully having a lot of fun!

    If anyone is interested, please get in touch. If you want to see the training I’ve been doing for the race, and to see exactly how dedicated I am to the colour orange, you can check out @gingerpirateyarr on Instagram – please feel free to message me there too. If you can’t come to these events, but you still want to help out, please share this link to my fundraising page

    Thank you so much for reading this far, and I really do hope to hear from you soon,

    Yours hopefully,


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