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    fsh md

    hi my name is george I have F S H md I was diagnosed over twenty years ago when I left the military. I was a PTI and very fit. after my diagnosis the first ten years I saw a top doctor from oxford once a year. after that I was given braces for my legs because I had lost 85% muscle mass in my upper legs. since then I have seen no one until recently I am waiting for a appointment to see a physio in Northampton.

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    Hello and welcome George. I too have FSH, and like many it is not a good thing. It would be interesting to know more about you and your condition as it seems that very little is being done to help you. Maybe it is by choice, but there are lots of things that could help if you need it, as one thing is for sure, as you have found already, you are not going to get better with time.


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    Hi I admin the Muscular Dystrophy Support Group on Facebook, for those in the UK & Ireland affected by all types of Muscular Dystrophy. If you’re on Facebook you’d be more than welcome to join us x

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