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    Cornwall branch

    my name is Wayne Lenson and I am the new secretary of the Cornwall branch of MDUK. before this I was the chairman of the Cornwall branch for 9 years. I suffer from emery driefuss as did my father, and it has also been passed down to my son and potentially my daughter (waiting to be tested as only 9 months). the Cornwall branch has a vary small but motivated committee and we all have a strong link to MD. however it has been a very long time since we had any new members join and we are running out of ideas. we are urgently looking for some new committee members. we run a very informal meeting on the first Monday of every other month at the city inn in Truro.

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    :yes: :waving: lovely to ‘meet’ you, fab to see a branch using our forum.

    I’m in Norfolk, so sadly a bit too far away to join in.

    Keep up the awesome work [although a 9-month old, seeks thats full time work in itself – I have a 7-month great niece, what a handful]

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