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    We had all great expectations for this little get together but so far is not so good. Reading this article on BBC News, it indicates that one of the delegates could not enter the forum as she was in a wheelchair. Made worse I believe that she did not tell anyone she needed disabled access> Surely in this day and age this must be taken as given that disabled access is available. For further interest it is noted that she has muscular dystrophy. The Israeli delegation, quite rightly, refused to attend without her.
    Whilst the incident in itself is not acceptable it does raise the question as to how well the delegates intend to look after the needs of those of use who are disabled. We hear much of getting people to walk more, cycle more, ride more on buses or trains, and yet nothing about those of us who find this is not an option. I do then wonder whether disabled folk will ever be considered in this brave new world they are building, or will they be a side not as usual?


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    Typical of this government.They can’t organise anything. When they try and it goes wrong they blame other people.

    Mr Eustice appeared to blame the Israeli delegation for the fact Ms Elharrar could not get into the venue, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “What would normally happen in this situation is that Israel would have communicated that they had that particular need for their minister.”

    But a spokesman from the Israeli Embassy in London said the country’s delegation to the summit had “communicated over the past several weeks all the details about the minister’s requirements”.
    Mr Eustice faced some criticism for the remarks, with Lib Dem peer Lady Ludford tweeting: “Not the most gracious of responses for the COP26 host to blame the guest.”


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