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    Beike Biotechnology?

    Hello once again comrades. Hope everyone is ok. I’m doing ok too. Heading to college next month and hopefully finishing in a few years if not faster. So my question is. What’s everyone take on this “Beike Biotechnology”?. So far I’m still the same as I was 5 years ago. Same struggle with muscles and it’s been the same. Still doing my daily routine, but gotta find a better way of keep losing weight. Since everyone knows american foods imported or exported no matter what they usually have lots of GMO.

    So my one final question.

    Is Beike Biotechnology legit?

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    Reply To: Beike Biotechnology?

    Never heard of Beike Biotechnology … Let me do a quick google.

    Hmmm, I’ll pop this up to HQ see what they think. I would imagine though that if BB’s findings and abilities were up to snuff we would already know about it via HQ.

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