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    Advice for going to university

    My name is Rosie (23, pronouns sue/her) and was wondering if I could seek some advice on here.

    For context; I was born with congenital muscular dystrophy and use a power wheelchair and require 24 hour care.

    I have aplied for university part time next year and hope to be moving out into accommodation aswell. This is the first time I will be living home alone but I would like to ask how the process for funding care and accessible living like hoists and even hospital beds work since I’m a little confused on how the process works exactly?

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    Hello and welcome . It is many decades since I was at college so my advice may not be the best. I would certainly contact the disability officer at the university whose job it is to resolve these matters whether you live in or out. they should be aware of what is available in terms of support locally to the university and of course knowing what your requirements will be will be able to help to get the most appropriate support for you.


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