Wheelchair Transportation Research Study. Online Survey

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    Wheelchair Transportation Research Study. Online Survey

    Wheelchair Transportation Research Study

    •Do you travel around your community on a daily or regular basis in a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)?
    •Do you use your wheelchair as a seat when travelling in a WAV?
    •Are you a wheelchair driver?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions – you may be interested in participating in a study regarding your experiences of travelling in your wheelchair in WAVs.

    My name is Susana Lopez, a Doctoral Researcher at Loughborough University. We are conducting a research project into wheelchair occupant safety to assess the injury risks in motor vehicle accidents. As a part of the research, we have developed a 10-15 minute online questionnaire to identify key issues on wheelchair transportation based on real travel experiences from wheelchair-seated occupants in WAVs.

    If you think you might like to take part in the research study, please follow the link before 30th April 2016. Your inputs will be very much appreciated and valued:


    Many thanks for taking the time to read about the Wheelchair Transportation Study. If you wish to know more about the study, please contact me (Susana Lopez: S.Lopez-Sanchez@lboro.ac.uk)

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    Good luck with your research, hopefully a few of our readers will be able to help you :yes:

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