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    Tight Wrists would like some help…

    Hey I use the computer a decent amount whether it’s college work or future admin work (as i’m unable to do physical work) typing on a keyboard while sat up straight can be tricky as my hand does not bend back very well, any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mano, for me I wold think the easiest solution would be to create a small keyboard pullout beneath the desk itself rather than having the keyboard on top. Indeed many computer desks have these as standard. I have one on mine, simply because I have too many keyboards to use, and using a standard office type chair I find that my hands tend to hang down when using it. You may well also find other solution from the likes of computer gaming suppliers, but sadly these can be extremely expensive to buy. You can see an illustration of what I mean here
    A lot also depend on the computer you are using. Have you tried using your voice to control your input?


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    Hi Mano

    Some Physio recommended hand stretches’ will help loosen wrist and maintain function. Thera band and excerise grip therapy balls are also helpful

    If your already in Further Education they may be able to refer you to a Occupational Therapist who can advise on working posture and even Assistive tech to make you more comfortable. Employers can also seek via Access To Work a assessment of your desk, seating and equipment. My employer provided a riser desk and gel wrist rests.

    Looking at your seated position at computer could be a start. Desk and chair need to be right or it has a knock on effect.

    Cordless number pads can reduce amount of arm reach and lift.
    Mice:- there is a big range of mice out there from standard, gel covered, tracker balls, track pads. Corded non corded.
    Keyboards:- some have more slop than others.
    Gel mouse pads and gel keyboard wrist wrests

    This company might be able to give you ideas on solutions to make working more comfortable. Few case study ideas on page below.

    Long term. Eye Gaze tech might be worth thinking about. This is where you can control a tablet with your eyes.

    Ive not used it but I believe Cortana (windows software) and Alexa (apple) can via voice commands help reduce some keystrokes.

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