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    Stem Cell Treatment?

    Is it true that there is no effective treatment for MD? I heard about stem cells therapy from UCTC clinic. What do you know and think of this method. They say, it is a really effective and working one. I am excited about such technologies of the future

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    Re: Stem Cell Treatment?

    Hello Roteiro :waving:

    I have moved your post to the “Research” area rather than where it was.

    As yet there is no clinically approved method for treating/reversing nor preventing any of the known types of MD. However there are many facilities around the world working towards finding one, and those working with stem cells is one of them. We are all hopeful that before too long they will have successful break throughs.

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    Re: Stem Cell Treatment?

    Stem cell treatment just injects healthy cells into the affected areas. It does not repair the wasting muscle, and a best case scenario is it will slow down the progression of the MD. When the injected stem cells die, they do not regenerate with the healthy cells. So if you do see positive results, you will have to receive continuous stem cell treatment however long the cells stay alive for, or you are back to your original state.

    I actually contacted a hospital that specializes in stem cell treatment and know the procedure is costly and results varies greatly from good to no results at all from the treatment. They also tell you to have realistic expectations before doing the procedure…

    I think this type of experimental treatment is more beneficial to someone who is at the very beginning of showing symptoms and starting to get weaker. For someone who is already in a wheelchair or other mobility assisted device, you will gain little from it…

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