Running the Great North Run Sept 2014

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    Running the Great North Run Sept 2014

    I am fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy as this disease runs in my wife’s family. Muscular Dystrophy and related conditions cause muscles to waste and weaken. They suffer from a Central Core Disease which falls under a category of congenital Myopathies. Central Core Disease is a rare condition and symptoms usually become apparent at birth or early infancy. The condition is generally non-or slow progressive and people affected usually have a normal life span.

    We are currently awaiting test results for our youngest Daughter (10 months old) and our eldest daughter (3 years old) is currently visiting the hospital on a regular basis to monitor how she is being affected by this disease. We live a normal family life and people can’t tell my wife or children suffer from this central core disease, but sometimes daily activities take more effort than they normally would.

    I am asking for any donation towards my fundraising, I will be doing alot more training in the run up to the event. The event is 13.1 miles and in the training I will be running around 150 miles to prepare. I have set a target of £300, so why not donate £2.00 which covers 1 mile of my training runs.

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    Re: Running the Great North Run Sept 2014

    Good luck with your run and thank you for raising funds for us :D :yes:

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