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    Mobility Scooters Waterproof?

    Had one for years and I am never sure how waterproof they are. I know one of mine was trashed because at the bottom of a kerb drop down, it dropped even more into a puddle and never worked again. I have a plastic cover over the electronics but I remain sceptical. What are the views of others? My instruction leaflets have never mentioned it.


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    Reply To: Mobility Scooters Waterproof?

    Answer is not really waterproofed. both chairs and scooters need controls and batter components covered. Both will take short exposure in mild wet weather if covered (and surface dried quickly)to get from car to house/shop but neither made to go through a puddle that touches underside. Equally they dont like very cold or hot weather.

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    Has anyone seen the ‘Tramper” or “TWS”? They like water!

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