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    Heavy towels

    I expect that many of my discoveries may be well known to others, but one I found especially useful was that I could no longer manage a bath towel as it was so heavy and arkward. The answer is a linen towel, which is very lightweight, dries quickly and efficiently and once on the towel rail is ready for use again within an hour or two. If I go away I always take one with me as they don’t take much room in a suitcase. There are probably several suppliers, but I get mine from Lithuania and they are reasonably priced.

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    I had a microfibre swimmers towel that was very light. fast drying and folds into very little.

    over all I like my bodydryer and a facecloth to dry off.

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    Many thanks …
    This is really useful, I have the same problem. I’ll definitely have a go.


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