childrens entertainer offering his services

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    childrens entertainer offering his services

    Hi, just found out (last night) that my nephew, whom I’m close to, has edmd. This means my son may have it and our 3 daugthers may carry it (and suffer heart problems).
    To say the lest I’m a wee bit worried but trying to be possitive.
    So, on a possitive note, as a day job I’m a childrens entertainer who has done a lot of work (paid and otherwise) with special needs children (including those in war zones). This has ranged from doing shows, to playing games to running circus skills workshops.
    Paid work has to come first, as I have 4 kids and a wife to support. But when I’m not being paid I’m happy to use my skills for you guys. This can be either as a fundraiser, or just doing a free birthday party for a family that, due to fulltime careing, has no spare income. Or maybe you have another use for me
    I’m all CRB checked and have the relivent insurance etc
    I’m based in cambridgeshire, near ely

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